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Do Do Wap is Strong in Here

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Brass Tacks 

i'm in a red tonail mood, goddammit, and i don't care who knows!

apparently, i like to do my homework at about the exact moment when i have half the time i'll need in order to get it done. fooey on homework, cause i'm goin to my dago pal dom's cabin tonight. we're going to enjoy watersports, starry nights, and singeing our eyelashes off by the fire. i might get roped into having a fish intestine fight. blurf. i've engaged in so much bull shittery over the weekend in trying to get a stupid damn essay done that i'm having trouble mustering up the gumption for a decent entry here. anyway, you get the point, fun times had by all in the languor of a midsummer night's eve. the sour fungal smell of a semi secluded cabin, sunlight filtering through the trees, the plaintive warble of a lonely loon, and the whispering, soporific rustle of dom's chesthair against my cheek.

had a robust and eventful evening last night in the company of some frenetic, gnat-like children, the progeny of my boy sarahs frend, whatserface. autumn, that's it. we went to columbia heights' version of a summer carnival and watched fireworks explode ten feet in front of our faces. fireworks are so much more thrilling with the looming threat of third degree burns. after the splosions, i succumbed to my humiliating cheese problem and ate some cheese curds until i could barely walk upright. some booth at the carnival was selling fucking inflatable machine guns, and i saw a kid walk by with a poofy rubber mace. then i remembered we were in columbia heights. i've never seen so many drunk 15 year olds in one place before, except for maybe my highschool. after the debilitating cheese, the rubber artillery, and the besotted adolescent malcontents, sarah and i retired to old chicago for the evening. sarah even let me drive big brown bonnie home all by myself. the one on one time with big brown bonnie was an especially tender way to top off the night.

now i'm here, not doin my homework.

ooohh, oh oh oh... almost forgot... i added a link to yet another farm chronicle, this one belonging to the inimitable poop sizzle.


Monday, June 21, 2004

Urine Tire Lifestyle 

a second computer is finally set up out here in the living room. all the software on it is a few years old, though, so it's questionable whether any of this will even work.

hem, haw... woke up at about nine this morning when someone upstairs was yelling "get the fuck back in the house!!" or something to that effect, and then i heard some walkie talkie static in the little space between our house and the neighbor's. i peeked out through the blinds and saw an old, fat, surly looking state trooper guy staring up at the second floor windows. he stood there chewing his lip and occasionally spitting for about twenty minutes, and then walked down to the corner of the house, got settled into place with his arms crossed over his chest, reared back and spit all over the yard again, and stared up at some more windows for ten or fifteen minutes before he disappeared around the corner of the house. i went back to sleep for a long damn time and had short little vingette dreams wherein everyone hated me and then somehow dissapeared. in another dream, i stood behind a big iron fence and watched cars and busses drop over a waterfall into a giant concrete ravine.

woke up, miss sarah was here, spread my stink around a little, daniel showed up and set the computers up to be networked, they left, i left, ate a burrito in dinkytown, bought some rolling stones which i will not apologise for, wandered through clouds of dirt and sticky puddles of blackberry juice back to the crib, and here i sit, stinkin up the place and staring at the corner like a dunce.

next up for me is some reveling in the pomp and cheese of the stones, and more homework i don't feel like doing. and more stink.


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Conjunctivitis, Conjunctivitis 

not enough calcium but too much dairy. too much sleep, not enough sleep. too much crappy schoolwork. a soup party, a reg'ler shindig, my dog ate it. my arm hurts. my beard got in the way. brilliant and valid excuses, all. really, i can't come up with anything that seems interesting enough for anyone to spend much time reading. some somber days and some anxious days, some blank days and a few lazy ones. i miss the kids, i guess i think about that alot. dunno...

well, i've got a few links to add, and maybe while i'm doing that, a spaceship will crash through the ceiling, jesus will walk out with william burroughs, and we'll all strip down to our undies and take a dip in the giant inflated pool in my back yard. jesus'll make some fart bubbles and blame it on bill, and bill will hit jesus in the face with one of the random diapers left back there. then i'll break out the conflict resolution techniques, and ask william and jesus to use their words and describe their feelings to one another. a group hug and some salacious and suggestive waterplay will follow.

one new link, the n8 one, is from yet another current farmer. the other new link is a pretty interesting account of a trip around europe currently being embarked upon by a former co-worker of my mom's.


Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Cat Wearing Devil Mask 

got my jammies on backwards like kriss-kross, goobers in my eyeballs, drooping spires of greasy hair hanging in my face, but i slept until NOON. NOOOOON! i slept all damn night long and woke up with drool smeared across my unabomber beard. now i'm ready for some sprucing up and some soup party.

the last day of kindergarten went pretty well, i spoze. way too fast. the room was crammed full of everybodys parents and aunts and uncles and little sisters. we sang some songs about rainbows, had a graduation ceremony, ate some cookies, and then the parents grabbed the kids and ran out of there like they were trying to get away from godzilla. there were a few sad kids whose parents hadn't come to the graduation shambling around the room and half-heartedly chipping in on the cleanup, then they had to go to their buses and that was it.

time either moves way too fast or way too slow, and never in the right spots. i'm burly, though, so i can get through on my stainless steel will to perservere, like a brawny lumberjack. i'll visit next year and hopefully get to regularly volunteer in a few of the kindergarten and first grade classes.

well, i'm gonna go hose myself off and crawl out of the house toward breakfast now.


Thursday, June 03, 2004


sheeeezis, this week is wrenching my bones apart like a thresher. i started summer session at the mctc on tuesday, plus i've got the kindergarteners and the farmjob. i've had 3 16-18 hour work days in a row here. Intermittently bouncing into misty pockets of malfunctioning mental and/or physical faculties. kind of like right now. my composition instructor is a chalk flinging manic depressive tweak, a cross between a heavily medicated alan alda and woody allen with some more benign complexes. i'm fresh out of time yet again. i'll add whatever hackneyed dook i had in mind sometime this weekend. i have also added the quadeblog to the links for your perusing.


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