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Do Do Wap is Strong in Here

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Snoose and Moose Discuss Saplings 

I think I'm in love with the automated teller machine woman. She sounds like Mary Poppins, and the way she says "please wait while your transaction is processing" - trying to stay composed while the chambers of her heart erode, as if everyone always left her right when the transaction was about to process - makes my bowels unravel. That money slides out at the end of it makes me feel a little filthy and loathsome, but yes I will wait, Robot Mary Poppins, I will wait forever.


Monday, September 27, 2004

Lackluster Filibuster 

wandered around dinkytown with my thumb jammed up my ass in the hope that if i jammed it up there far enough, i might tweak some neurons and have a few thoughts beyond "henf... is that me that smells like that? gee, it's long sleeve weather...". et a football sized burrito, tossed a quarter in a rusty galaga game in the empty laundromat and moped home with a giant pink jug of gatorade. yeh. now i'm sniffing my lip hairs and digesting dinner. maybe theres too much blood in my belly. feeling particularly vacuous.

how dare school threaten my laziness! i wanna swat fruit flies in my striped mumu all day! swig maple syrup from the bottle and hunt for railroad spikes in the alley! practice my gleeking! read ramona the brave and get nutter butter crumbs between the pages... foo and poo and waah...

i wonder what will happen if i drink this entire thing of gatorade...


Saturday, September 18, 2004

Morse Code. Morose Doting Goiter Load. 

yagyag yagyag yagyag yaygayg yagyayg aygayg yag... i've had too much caffeine... i'm elastic and shredded like a chewed up shoe. like a toothless, swollen old dog sucked on my head all night long. i feel like a fish. like a hairy, exasperated fish. i managed to crap out another little moldy turd of a book entry through the hot acrid helmet imposed on me by the enormous triple-turtle-ugmo-hugabug-flim-flam-choco-mocha thing i inhaled. i brought along, for bolstering, the uplifting and encouraging words of Fernando Pessoa. passages like "i cultivate hatred of action like a greenhouse flower. i dissent from life and am proud of it." really encouraged me and made me feel like i could accomplish anything if i just bore down and dug deep within. now i have to make wee wee. i think some greezy pizza and secondhand smoke might be the cure.


Sunday, September 12, 2004

Orda RUPP! 

had the brilliant idea to start a big, time consuming personal project right when i'll have the least ammount of time to devote to it. it's coming along pretty decently so far, i think. don't anybody tell dom about it though, it's a big secret special delivery care package. arright, i need something to blather about, and i'm kinda ess-sited about it... i'm making a book. i went out on thursday night and took (not quite) random photos on a walk from my house to the quarry, a strip mall conglomeration sort of thing about two miles away. i walked trough warehouse lots and a cemetary taking pics of rusty stuff and buildings and signs. then i got them developed at the quarry and put them in a preliminary sequence and started comprising a story in little sections that will fit on the back of each picture. i think im going to bind it with two little ring binder things, and make a cover out of an overhead transparency or something like that. hopefully i can make a few copies when its all assembled. it might take a couple months. there are 28 pictures, and ive got seven sections written up through at least a rough stage. leave it to me to get my literary ambitions up to speed a couple years after ive devoted most of my time and brain juices to other pursuits. kind of a smelly post, but eh... im tarrd and ive been reading an uneccesarily dense textbook all night, so my brains is all stringy and abstraction is a little out of reach tonight.


Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Cute New Purses for Fall 

school's locked me up in some kind of absurd cabin fever. im up every night doing nervous, repetitive fidgety stuff like changing clothes for no reason and re arranging my room, digging through old letters and pictures. having abstract and nervous dreams like the one last night where cat fetuses were tumbling out of the lining of my pants into a large, squirming soft grey mound on the floor. i dont think ive ever seen the "cat fetus" section in any dream interpretation books, but it had the same surreal anxiety as most of the waking moments of the last few weeks.

goddammit, well, yeah... egghh. everything's sort of ground down to blathering blankness here, so maybe some fucked up tapwater can act as a narcotic and i'll get some sleep.


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