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Do Do Wap is Strong in Here

Friday, December 31, 2004

Ceilin's Peelin' 

took the last bus home from danielona's with a giant bag of used socks in my lap after playing some high stakes dice game called "fuk-o-lump" or something of the sort. tired now.

i'm an ice princess, for the benefit of everyone who didn't already know. i went skating with carly "carls carlsbad cavern dr. quinn sehr" schoen last week. i did a triple lutz and then carls stole the limelight with a spin move that put a crater eight inches deep in the center of the rink. we finished off with our tribute to the gripping cinematic work of samuel fuller and recieved a 4.7 from the hot dog guy.

it's been a shiny year what with the chilluns and the almost having a grasp on what the hell i'm doing and the like. looks like the only option for next year that won't get me stranded alone somewhere in the middle of the country is a move to portland, so alone it is i guess. portland, for gadsakes. everybody's moving to portland. they could at least move to astoria, oregon and strike up relationships with the people from that documentary "goonies".

aaaaarright, this entry smells like a poopy butt and i need to sleep.


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I Love Everything Except School 

hokey doke, it's long past time to slap something up here. school's done, and i feel like the belle of the damn ball. got my winter break novel selection all lined up, py-jammies on, pizza in my lap... fully prepared to come nowhere near all the plans i had for the break. my boy danielona finally graduated, i think that warrants at least a mention. mahfukkas worked their arses all the way off all week long, and still managed to have a spread at the celebration capable of shredding my gut like a culinary chainsaw. i had some late night rock n' roll jam sessions with the sensual dan weaver of the weaver family players. we layed some tracks in the studio, totally off the cuff, you know, just played it how we felt it, man. we were at that place in our conciousness, you know, where time totally starts to bend like an origami swan, yeah? i guess we'll just keep ridin that celestial rock wave until we get tired of surfing with the alien, broham... going ice skating - or probably more accurately, ankle breaking - tomorrow afternoon at the converted depot. should be emasculating and frigid, which are coincidentally the first two qualities i look for in a perfect life mate. then it's just more food folks and fun through the end of the year for me. may all your blankies, metaphysical and otherwise, be enormous and floofy. may all your castle levels not be the one where you have to remember that bottom, middle, top pattern, and may your poots smell like fresh laundry forever hence.


Thursday, December 16, 2004

Loaves of the Blessed Dead 

another ugly piledriver of a week for me, but as the great z-rock hawaii once said, "the pile driver's gonna make it all worthwhile". been feeling like a big festering lesion for a few weeks now, but i had some skabetti and chance meetings with pals on the street and colored some little orphan annie pictures with the chilluns, so i'm managing to doggy paddle along for now. one of the first things a kid said to me yesterday morning, before i talked to anyone, was "are you tired?" i caught a glimpse of my gummy red eyeballs a few minutes later and thought that if it werent for the swing pushin', the kids wouldn't even have let my transient drunkard lookin' ass in the room. this entry seems to sound an awful lot like most of the last month's worth of prattle. poo-poo wee-wah... yes, and so now, i must go catch a bus into the suburbials.


Monday, December 13, 2004

Ermine Furs Adorn Imperious 

a riddle i was trying to figure out right before the alarm woke me up:

a cow stands alone in the middle of a vast pasture. in your hand is a gold coin. you must extract milk from the cow by gently lifting the udder using only the coin. about the coin: is there something you don't know that you should?

i'm not sure, but i bet the answer might make jesus come back. except he'll just stay for an ice cream social, and then take off in his space taxi.


Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A Shantyman's Life is a Wearisome One 

school can go ahead and be over any damn time now. last thursdays history class was one of the most ridiculously boring things i've ever experienced. you should've seen the heads bobbing and lolling, struggling to stay afloat on the tedious quagmire of cryptic overhead-projected maps and droning lists of names and dates. i just stared at my lap and occasionally added to the list in my notebook of things i'd much rather be doing. that's kind of what i've been doing for most of the last few weeks; hanging on to the idea that if i can hold out for just a few more months, my days can be 100% mine and i won't have to worry about deadlines and discussion boards and all manner of nasty whatnot. yeh, well, i'm gonna go read a few pages in the lie-berry now.


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