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Do Do Wap is Strong in Here

Monday, January 31, 2005

Tootie Tah 

i was going to type up something last week about the floor smelling spicy, or the patterns made by the holes in my pants or something, but i had been up for about twenty hours and using this thing as a sleep deprivation experiment seemed like a shitty idea even from that state of wobbly mental faculties. however, that still left this piece of dog dump blog looking like a supperating aperture from whence a piece of dog dump might squidge.

sometimes, for vast stretches of days, it just doesn't seem to me that i'm considering or processing much beyond my usual misanthropic flash, or immediate reflexive things like "now i put my pants on, next, i should put todays books in my bag." i think larger things i mull over are usually too close to see. sometimes that's good though, making ideals second nature when the ideals are translated to action. dunno. yeh. tired of second guessing myself all the time.

"now i end the post and go to sociology, where we will talk about the day when big easter island headed robots with weed-whackers for mouths will eat everybody except for the luddites, who will tunnel under the city and begin the humping that will create the army that will overthrow the easter island headed weed-whacker robots."


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Folksy Knockwurst 

figure i better grease somethin' up and send it down the chute even if life feels like turd flambe right now. i'm in the computer lab listening to keyboards rattle all around me and steeling myself for a good three hours of textbook reading.

here are some things i've been eating lately: strawberry pudding, s'mores, yams, celery, cheese sauce, spinach, and root beer barrels.

i probably won't give this thing too much consideration over the next few months on account a cause i have essentially six classes right now and it's my last semester and i just want to squeeze through it and get it over with.

did you know that sometimes (maybe even usually) all a kid needs to calm down and think clearer is a halfway decent backrub? i kinda wish we could've walked into big people school on the first day a year and a half ago and been greeted by someone holding a stack of degrees who said something like "try backrubs and speaking a little slower and quieter than usual. here's your degree." but here i am, poking through theorems and diagrams and spinning books around to try and decipher which way "figure 5b" is supposed to face and whatnot. speaking of which, it's time to get into "chapter two: didactic stories"...


Thursday, January 06, 2005

See the Streetlights as Fairgrounds 

i should like a verdant archipelago for my friends and me. something in temperate climes, a short ferry ride away from a cheapo and a dessicated one screen cinema which should probably be owned and operated by danielona. there would be the weekly band meeting in the cave on the shaded side of the hill in the center of the largest island, where we would play instruments made of rodent bones and bark and write songs about how the island was the shit. also, fingerpainting on the beach, saturdays at noon, and a thriving bartering system based on keeg's and daniel's and ilona's paintings and the 4 track demos cut by the band. i'll walk around taking pictures of insects and sand and oars to make more of my body function/solitude picture books and try to get some rolaids or artichoke dip for them at the trading post. what else... probably an island to be used solely for dodgeball tournaments and/or kickball, and theres probably also got to be a statue or shrine or something like that. most of these island tribes had their creepy shrines, so howsabout... oh i dunno... something to keep the curious away like a big bronze nude willford brimley eating kittens right out in the middle of the bay somewhere. that should do it, i think.


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