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Do Do Wap is Strong in Here

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Paper Plate, Ankle Weight, Pasty Pate, Satiate 

it's me and about thirty hyper women who interact with four year olds all day long. we're playing finals review jeopardy and baking 7 dozen chocalate chip cookies. i burnt the shit out of about half of them and got kicked out of the kitchen area of our mock classroom. i feel like i broke up a tupperware party. snuck out the back and came down here where i have a clear line to the park should they decide to pelt me with the burnt up cookies. the mind recoils in horror, as the good doctor used to say.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Envase Exclusivo Para Refresco 

we were making pictures in the art corner today using those little multi-colored geometric stickers, and this was the conversation that showed me i picked the right place to be today:

kid: "i'm making a power flower!"
me: "what can you do with a power flower?"
kid: "monkey fight!"

then we counted houses in the neighborhood and noticed a disproportionately large ammount of brown stucco. after school, i walked home drinking an elongated bottle of mexican coke that cost almost twice as much as the larger bottle next to it in the cooler, but the mexican one is shaped funny and has mexican words stamped on it, so it's all relative. now i have to go downtown and get my ass handed to me in beard wars '05. i've got no chance against that guy from iron and wine. have you seen that man's majestic beard? i could but graze it as it perches there upon his face and never again know fear.


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Yoga Booty Ballet 

i just want everyone to know that if you come over and see my bed, it's not what it looks like. that's chocolate from a grasshopper fudge mint cookie. i eat them about four at a time while i play some sonic the hedgehog, and i got to the water board the other night and dr. robotnik was pissing me off and maybe i spit some cookie crumbs onto the bed but i can't recall. in any event, my self regulating, unconcious functions are all in sterling working order, and as much as some sickly section of my being is alright with sitting around in pampers playing altered beast and golden axe while a dumptruck filled with fudge backs up to my bedroom window and slathers me in its flawlessness, i haven't quite slid to that depth yet. i can still manage to make my bears in the bear makin' room next to the kitchen.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

time's sick attacks
a glut, an abscess in the mouth
what is stopped with sugars
pasted to my cheeks
your presence says for me


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